Click Envy

Why do you use websites? Think about it. You use them to gather information, make a purchase or communicate. When you are using a website do you want to be bombarded with pop-ups and whiz bang graphics and video? Most likely the answer is no. Why not? Because you, like most web users, are trying to obtain your information quickly and efficiently.

 handcursorWhen building your businesses website try to remember the end user – in this case your customer. Focus on providing them the information they are looking for in a quick, clear and concise manner. Provide intuitive navigation that clearly leads the user to the results they want, will almost always end with the results you want – a satisfied customer.

Flashy still works in some cases, but for the majority this only serves to slow down their progress and can result in a negative experience. Always remember that your website puts the power in the hands of your customer. With one click of the mouse they can leave your site, and with another click be at your competitor’s site.

Beware of web developers who push style over substance. People are usually in a hurry when they enter your site, be certain to accommodate them or you will most definitely lose the opportunity to convert them to a customer.

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