Used Car Sales Goes Digital

July 29, 2009

10-PILOTtouringFRONTcolorWe have an automotive client that was not getting results for their used car ads in the classified section of a major daily newspaper. For years they would put a “spot ad” in the Sunday paper and the phone would ring on Monday morning.

When the phone calls started to slow down they tried their hand at clever wording and adding catchy graphics, but finally they realized no matter what they said or how they said it, the newspaper was not delivering customers.

Enter the power of the net. We developed a digital banner ad campaign on websites that targeted folks who were shopping for used cars. A click of the banner took car shoppers to a landing page that featured visitors the actual car, equipment and price.

Needless to say, the phones are ringing again and customers are emailing the dealer asking for more information about the cars. More importantly, the dealer is selling cars – and without any clever wording.

Email Counts

July 20, 2009

img_10When you do an email campaign to your customer base do you just send out text with some prepackaged graphics or a creative graphic design?  Be honest. Have you been known to get an idea and send out an email that looks like you were texting a friend?  If you want a response then prove it with an email that truly represents your company or organization and requests a call to action. Email campaigns are an effective means of tracking the behavior of your customer’s response but they will not respond to a poorly designed email.

 Your email has to make your customer take notice and it must ask them to take some type of action. Don’t be afraid to ask for your customer’s business. Communicating your message via email is important. Show your customers you care.

Don’t Make Me Think

July 15, 2009

A logo today has many different applications. No longer does it just have to apply to your business card and stationary package. It must look sharp on your website, digital banner ads, clothing apparel, trucks, traditional media, and of course your business card. It has to quickly stand out and be a true representation of your company.

Consumers have so much to wade through on a daily basis. Don’t ask them to think. We are a multi-task society so your logo needs to break through the clutter.  Graphic designers need to design more then just pretty pictures, because in today’s world function is as important as form.